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Modern kitchen cannot be standard!

This is rightfully the main place in the house where we create not only culinary masterpieces, but also the history of our family. Here we get a boost of energy in the morning, restore strength in the evening and gather in the family circle for a festive dinner on the weekend.


Our advantages - why you should order a Gravis' kitchen:


  1. Free departure and measurement

Before proceeding with the selection of design options and the calculation of materials, our employees will arrive at the facility and make measurements of the premises, consider its features and the possibilities of designing modern kitchen furniture.


  1. Exclusive design project

Choosing his own option, the client can focus on the samples he likes, but he always wants the new kitchen to be extraordinary. Using the experience of talented designers and modern software products, we create unique design projects for the kitchen.


  1. Unlimited choice of materials, decor, accessories

Working with many materials of facades, tabletops, internal mechanisms and accessories, we give great opportunities for choice. Depending on the style of the premises and preferences, the customer can choose the most unexpected, as well as proven and practical materials. The color scheme of the kitchen set is also not limited.


  1. European quality guaranteeing strength and durability

For the production of facades, a natural solid wood and 18 mm chipboard is used, which is covered with the latest acrylic paints and sealed with a PVC edge. Countertops made of stone and quartz make the modern kitchen not only beautiful, but also practical and durable.


  1. Reliable protection against damage and moisture

The quality of processing of housing surfaces and joints avoids mechanical defects and moisture. This is important for the kitchen, prevents the loss of the appearance of furniture, the development of various organisms, simplifies cleaning and maintenance. Aluminum trays are placed in the cabinets, all the contact points are equipped with silicone chippers, the fastener places are closed.


  1. The duration of the movable mechanisms

The highest quality accessories on the market Blum and Hettich designed for 200 thousand cycles of movement. Door hinges can have an angle of up to 155 degrees, providing maximum convenience. Doors closers guarantee a quiet and smooth closing of cabinets..


Choosing Gravis, you get your original and unique kitchen cabinet at a bargain price in Ukraine with a European approach to execution.



Design studio "Gravis" provides services for the manufacture of quality custom-made furniture in Ukraine


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