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Gravis offers the furnishings of the kitchen and bathroom with modern and beautiful countertops.

Countertops that guarantee exceptional durability and aesthetics. Depending on the style of interior and furniture and your budget you can choose different options - countertops made of natural wood, particleboard with a coating of plastic, products made of natural or artificial stone.


The most demanded today are countertops made of artificial stone - acrylic and quartz. They are not afraid of high temperatures, resistant to moisture, burnout or abrasion. Moderately resistant to scratches and cuts, do not have pronounced seams. They are an order of magnitude more expensive than wooden and plastic, but they justify this in operation.


Unlike natural stone surface, artificial one do not have small surface pores, therefore not afraid of various food colors, are not contaminated with fat and other kitchen substances, and are more convenient to care for. If necessary, the acrylic countertop can be updated by ordering a surface polish. Comparing acrylic and quartz countertops, it is worth emphasizing that the latter are more resistant to scratches, stains and dirt, have less noticeable seams and natural colors.


Acrylic and quartz countertops can have a solid or mortise sink, convenient for mounting the built-in hob. These composite materials have a beautiful appearance and give ample opportunities for decor.


Gravis offers countertops from trusted suppliers - Silestone, TriStone, Arpa and Egger, Luxfort, guaranteeing their originality and quality.

Design studio "Gravis" provides services for the manufacture of quality custom-made furniture in Ukraine


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