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You can order and buy a kitchen cabinets without leaving your home. Gravis will provide a complete manufacturing cycle: from measurement to installation as soon as possible.


1. Request

To order a kitchen, just call us on the phone or leave a request through the "Order a project" form. You can express wishes on an individual complete set - it can be built-in cabinets for the kitchen, additional shelves or other elements. The designer makes a preliminary free design project and miscalculation of the cost of the order, taking into account the selected materials and accessories.





2. Departure of the measurer

After approval of the sketch, a company specialist leaves for the place to clarify the size and characteristics of the premises. This will allow you to more accurately draw up a design project and simplify the installation of a kitchen set. Payment for the departure of the measurer will be compensated to the customer at the time of conclusion of the contract.



3. Design project

After the measurer leaves, the designer makes adjustments to the sketch and sends it to the customer for approval. At this stage, the client can make the necessary changes to the project. Modern kitchen design ideas collected on our website will help you. Taking into account the wishes of the customer, the designer prepares the final design project.





4. Prepayment and production

After the approval of the final project, the customer signs a contract, makes an advance payment, and the order is given to production. When the kitchen is ready, our staff will contact you to specify the installation time.



5. Delivery

The finished kitchen cabinet will be delivered at a convenient time for the customer. Upon receipt of the order, the client must check the waybill, evaluate the appearance and integrity of all elements. Any possible flaws are recorded in the act. Before shipping, the product undergoes a thorough check, so damage is almost impossible.





6. Assembly and installation

The installation of a kitchen cabinet will be handled by a team of professional assemblers at a convenient time for you. The team can be called on the same day of delivery.

Design studio "Gravis" provides services for the manufacture of quality custom-made furniture in Ukraine


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