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The Austrian company Julius Blum GmbH, founded in 1952, has come a long way from simple hardware to innovative furniture fittings known throughout the world. The first Blum hardware was released in 1958, and after 7 years the company entered the international market. Today, the company supplies its products to more than 120 countries. The Blum system for the kitchen is high-quality lifting mechanisms, hinges, extension and guide systems, separation systems. All products have an unrivaled design and long trouble-free operation. Kitchens with fittings blum - this is a convenient, silent and easy opening / closing of doors, drawers and sashes of the kitchen, so that the operation of the furniture will be as comfortable as possible. The price of blum cuisine is justified by its quality..


Linken system


Fittings and furniture accessories Linken system is the perfect combination of stylish design, functionality and durability at an economically reasonable price. In the manufacture of fittings, only high-quality steel is used, and modern equipment allows you to accurately fit every detail. High quality products are confirmed by appropriate certification both in Ukraine and by the best independent test agencies abroad. Even after many years, the furniture fittings Linken system will look and function flawlessly, regardless of the load.



The range of the Polish manufacturer of fittings, accessories and lighting GTV includes several hundred items. Furniture accessories are represented by several functional groups: hinges, handles, shock absorbers, lifts, guides, supports, drawer systems and much more, without which it is impossible to create a stylish and reliable kitchen. GTV products are distinguished by affordable price, high quality, long and trouble-free operation while maintaining stable technical characteristics throughout the entire life cycle.



The Turkish company Samet is among the ten best global manufacturers of furniture fittings and accessories. The assortment of the company includes: hinges, fasteners, pull-out systems, lifting mechanisms, sliding doors, handles and other furniture accessories. Thanks to forty years of experience, innovative manufacturing approaches and high-quality materials, Samet furniture fittings have an excellent appearance, improved functionality and the highest quality, confirmed by an ISO 9001 certified system.



Müller, a German manufacturer of furniture fittings, is an excellent example of European-quality products at an affordable price. The hallmark of the company is durability and a wide range of accessories for modern kitchens. The Müller kitchen accessories catalog includes soft-closing hinges, lifting and locking mechanisms, telescopic rails, extendable corners, dryers and other kitchen utensils. Silent and smooth operation of all mechanisms will provide maximum comfort in the operation of furniture.



At least the fact that in 2018 the company celebrated its 130th anniversary from the date of foundation, one hundred of which the company is engaged in the manufacture of furniture fittings, speaks of the high quality of Hettich furniture fittings. The revolutionary double-sided drawer system with innovative internal organization is one of Hettich's discoveries. In addition to this, there are many other unique kitchen solutions in the catalog of the company: hinges with angles of 95, 110 and 180 degrees; various sliding systems; guides; stylish cargo and much more. All Hettik products have a stylish design, stability, a smooth ride and a complete lack of noise during operation.



The Spanish company Cosentino is the manufacturer of exclusive Silestone quartz surfaces. It is the only quartz stone in the world with silver-based antibacterial protection. Silestone® countertops are 94% natural quartz, which provides durability and excellent resistance to stains and scratches. The properties of the material are so unique that the manufacturer gives a 25-year warranty on Silestone countertops.



Acrylic stone TriStone (made in South Korea) is a unique last-generation artificial material, consisting of high-quality raw materials and 100% acrylic resins. The material is characterized by high strength, resistance to mechanical damage, pollution, moisture and temperature fluctuations. Environmentally friendly and easy-care TriStone worktops can easily compete with many well-known brands, surpassing them at an affordable price.


Arpa and Egger

Among manufacturers of moisture-resistant countertops, it is worth noting the Italian TM Arpa and the Austrian brand Egger. The products of these brands belong to the middle price segment of modern moisture-resistant materials. Worktops made of particleboard of emission class E1 with plastic lining are ideally suited as kitchen worktops. Such countertops are environmentally friendly furniture, resistant to shock, mechanical stress, variable temperatures, ultraviolet and high humidity.

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