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Only high-quality materials and accessories are used in production of our furniture. Products are manufactured using modern high-precision equipment and assembled by professional craftsmen.


Warranty service

Kitchens of Ukrainian production Gravis have a warranty period of 24 months from the date of delivery and acceptance of furniture by the customer, provided that it is used correctly. During the specified period, manufacturing defects with warranty are eliminated free of charge. In the case of impossibility to eliminate the defect we replace parts or elements.


In order for the warranty conditions to apply to the product, each customer must know the list of cases in which Gravis has the right to refuse warranty service.


Assembly Warranty

Upon receipt of the order, the client is obliged to check the quality of the products and confirm this with his signature or the signature of a proxy. Assembly is carried out by qualified employees of the company, after which the customer inspects and accepts the work.


During the reception, it is necessary to evaluate the correctness of the set level, the assembly of elements and the adjustment of the facades. If necessary, the master will eliminate the identified flaws. After that, the client signs a certificate of acceptance of the furniture and confirms that it is installed correctly.


Furniture warranty does not apply if:.

• the client refused to assemble the kitchen by company employees, and it was assembled independently or by third parties;
• there is no warranty card and documents confirming the fact of purchase;
• availability in the warranty card of marks, additions or changes that are made not by employees of Gravis company
• defects are caused by careless or improper operation, overload, exposure to aggressive care products, or actions of domestic animals;
• damage caused by natural disasters;
• the furniture was repaired by the customer himself or by third parties who are not employees of the company;
• independently changed design or replaced components.

In these cases, repair work is carried out at the expense of the customer.


After the warranty period, Gravis provides paid after-garantee services. Additional services are possible for the replacement of furniture elements, accessories, rearrangement of modules.


Why our company?


Our kitchens comply with ISO 9001 quality standards!


All products are certified.






Design studio "Gravis" provides services for the manufacture of quality custom-made furniture in Ukraine


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